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The STOP HS2 Erewash Campaign Group have successfully negotiated with Maggie Throup Conservative MP for Erewash, to hold an open Q&A session discussing the calamitous HS2 development planned for Erewash.

Taking place at the Soldiers & Sailors club in Long Eaton at 7pm on the 15th of May, the event is an open, public gathering where concerned residents, local businesses and those who have been abused by the HS2 project can come and pose questions to Maggie Throup, to get answers about their concerns directly from their elected representative.

Ben Timberley, Campaign Manager for STOP HS2 Erewash commented:

“We are very glad that Maggie Throup Conservative MP for Erewash has decided to see sense and engage constructively with the campaign. It’s very important that as our elected representative in government, she represents the wishes and concerns of her constituents honestly and effectively. It is the belief of the campaign that Ms Throup is not aware of the full impact of HS2, as Long Eaton is a fair distance away from her new offices in Ilkeston.”

In recent weeks, the STOP HS2 Erewash Campaign has gained huge momentum with an influx of new volunteers and supporters, as well as significant press coverage and public interest. The campaign is operated and staffed by concerned local residents, business owners and activists, who all feel strongly that HS2 should be stopped in its entirety.

Imagine then the campaign teams surprise, when local Erewash Conservative Party Councillors and HS2 Ltd ‘outreach’ staff had referred to our team as “NIMBY’s” and “Professional Protestors” in conversation with local residents. Imagine the campaign teams confusion after receiving no communications about HS2 from the governing Conservatives within Erewash Borough Council or the Erewash MP, when word reached us that leading Councillors amongst them were telling members of the public that our campaign had “…refused to talk to Erewash Borough Council” and that the team had “…turned down meeting opportunities”.

Then, only a few days before the general election was publicly announced, imagine the campaigns shock to learn that Maggie Throup MP was now instead fully committed to a public forum meeting with the campaign, to explain her position and support of HS2. In a recent email to supporters, Maggie Throup claimed she had been ‘campaigning’ for a ‘tunnel option’ below Long Eaton to avoid the planned huge Viaduct through the centre of the town. That must have been a short and highly ineffectual campaign if none of us have heard about it! Especially when this campaign had publicly mooted a tunnel as an alternative option to the disastrous viaduct option.

For someone who campaigned so vociferously under the ‘Scrub The Hub’ campaign to save Breaston from HS2 only to see it dumped within Long Eaton, it is hard to understand how anyone can NOT be cynical about the agenda of Maggie Throup Conservative MP for Erewash. The STOP HS2 Erewash campaign team remain hopeful that Maggie Throup will perform a ‘u-turn’ and represent the people of Erewash by fully opposing HS2 in its entirety.

One crucial thing is clear – HS2 is already becoming the biggest 2017 election issue for Erewash. Any candidate that supports the building of HS2 is going to suffer at the polls, because the public simply does not want a railway line that concretes over a community, with no real local benefits to be seen. The candidates standing against Maggie Throup MP in the forthcoming general election would do well to remember this.

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